Client story: Xerox

How do you get 15,000 global Xerox Business Services people to learn from each other while growing at 40% a year?

Alan M. Webber, co-Founder of Fast Company Magazine describes the work we led as “a dazzling array of events, experiences, simulations and seminars that offer all 15,000 XBSers the learning skills they need to keep the billion-dollar organization growing at 40% a year.” We invested four years as the communication and education designers for a global change strategy. We invented a model for worldwide learning – Camp Lur’ning; six games on process, profitability, service, learning, and leading; multiple global conferences; an experiential version of The Seven Habits with Franklin Covey for Xerox, and later customized key experiences for Xerox Canada.

  • We invented Camp Lur'ning, Keep the Change™ game, Process Jazz, Sleuth, People Learning Strategy, The WorkLife Series™ and more.
  • We built games, simulations, conferences, communications, models, strategies, processes and new habits to learn, change and grow.
  • We differentiated XBS by helping hundreds of XBS office teams learn as fast as the world was changing to compete locally.