Client story: Genentech/Roche

Since 2006, Originaliti has innovated learning products, conferences and experiences to help Genentech develop their people and business

For Genentech, the global biotech leader, Originaliti has designed a productivity game—Oasis™, a women’s leadership conference, innovated leadership skills learning, invented a sustainable work pace summit, and a live, interactive learning environment—Xploratorium. For Xploratorium, Originaliti designed and assembled 11 interactive learning stations (one for each key business event) and the apps, games and tools in each. Xploratorium helped 200 Genentech leaders imagine new ways to innovate and communicate through a better knowledge of Genentech’s work from discovery to commercialization of new drugs. Download Xploratorium Learning Design

  • We invented 11 unique learning experiences, the designs, graphics, assembly and marketing collateral.
  • We built 33 stations in a San Francisco conference center, including games, flash applications, tools, puzzles, challenges.
  • We differentiated how learning happens and created a hands-on environment that immediately sustained the learning.