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Our games for global businesses help groups play their way to better relationships and results 

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Sue Baechler, Originaliti founder 

Inventing learning games for 30+ years


real play, real work, real results

Earning our mantra: the play is the work


attracting the innovators

Co-creating with visionary leaders 

doing serious things better

Uniting people to achieve shared goals

transforming group learning

Surprising journalists, leaders, players 


Fast Company



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People & Strategy


Great Work Insights


games are powerful, effective and fun 
Want better relationships & results? Try a game.


 Contact Sue for custom games. Try a game for free.

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"Bravo! I have never seen hundreds of managers rush back from lunch to play a learning game."

Tom Ryan | Chairman and CEO, CVS Caremark, at The Bottom Line Game live learning



"You created an environment for XBS that not only produces business results but supports personal growth."

Alan M. Webber | Co-founder Fast Company Magazine on our Xerox Business Services games & events 


"That's exactly what Camp Lur'ning is all about: ordinary people have actually taught themselves to do extraordinary things."

Nicholas Morgan |Business writer, Fast Company magazine, at Xerox Business Services Camp Lur'ning

"The dreams tumble out, one after another. The prefrontal lobes have been activated. So has a

conversation that could make a big difference in how engaged kids are in school."


Joe Robinson | Journalist, author of Work to Live, at Dream Leader Game live event

"Your work with ESI has forever changed them for the better."

Suzanne Henry | Founder, Four Leaf Public Relations at ESI live learning event


"Originaliti should be thrilled with their evolution in event design and work."

Polly LaBarre | NYT best selling author of Mavericks at Work, at BIFF live learning event



"Thought leaders Sue Baechler and Brenda Hardesty are using the science of game-based learning

with strategy implementation for impressive business outcomes."

Todd Nordstron | Best selling author, writing for Forbes on All In Game

"Go-Givers Win is not just a game - it's a masterclass in empathy and leadership, wrapped in a

captivating, immersive experience. The game skillfully blends real-life scenarios with instant feedback, offering

a unique window into human behavior and decision-making. The game is a faithful adaptation of

The Go-Giver book and a compelling tool that brings its teachings to life."

Nick Whitney, EOS Implementor

"What IDEO is to product design, Originaliti is to learning design."

Kathryn Cramer | Best selling author, founder Cramer Institute at BIFF live learning event

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Sue Baechler

Game Design 

Experiential Learning Design



Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Central Time



Email Me



Games Portfolio (PDF)

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